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Save up to $3,500 on Hot Tubs
Save up to $6,000 on Swim Spas

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Huge Selection of
Swim Spas

Hot Tub &
Swim Spa Expo

527 Fairview Dr
Carson City, NV


Wed. June 17 9-5pm
Thurs. June 18 9-5 pm
Fri. June 19 9-5pm
Sat. June 20 9-5pm
Sun. June 21 9-5pm

35 Hot Tubs on Display

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Don’t Miss Your Chance To SAVE BIG On Hot Tubs and Swim Spas!

At the Hydropool Hot Tub & Swim Spa Expo this weekend ONLY!  Browse the largest display of hot tubs in the region. A huge selection of hot tubs and swim spas will be available from Hydropool at huge discounts! Admission and Parking are FREE!


5 Days Only!

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Perfect Pool. Perfect Swim.

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Tranquility Option Package

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